The Best Online Science Schools of 2014 has created a separate directory exclusively for free open courseware in science subjects from the best international online schools. The courses are presented in a number of formats, depending on the subject and institution. These include online and downloadable live video and audio lectures, text and PowerPoint lectures, and online readings, assignments and exams. Yale University even offers online study group sessions for certain courses, and MIT can translate their OCW courses into eight languages, including Thai and Korean.

Pursuing education in scientific topics is an admirable ambition. Not only does it better your personal knowledge of the world and what we have learned as a global community, but with controversial issues like the validity of evolution and global warming, it’s essential to gain current information from qualified sources so that you can make your own inferences about what the information tells you. Conveniently, there are several prepared OCW topics in these subjects alone. For example, Yale University provides a course entitled “The Atmosphere, the Ocean and Environmental Change,” and all the biology courses are fundamentally based on the probability of the evolution process.

The subject of science as a whole is extremely broad, and is related to many areas of study. An example of the subject’s variety is the general science OCW offered by the University of California-Irvine entitled “Science: From Superheroes to Global Warming. The class studies examples given by superhero comics, disaster movies and real life in order to develop an appreciation for scientific fact and the scientific method. Of course, this class is just one case of many intriguing OCW learning opportunities available from the best online international school programs.  The sub-discipline topics that are collected here include courses in physics, chemistry, biology, geophysics, environmental science, geology, oceanography, meteorology, and medical sciences.

These science courses are made available to help the international community of students, from the high school to the graduate study level, gain more from their scientific education by boosting their personal knowledge. Teachers are also able to use OCW as a reliable reference to teach a new course or to stay current in their scientific subjects. OCW science classes are also invaluable resources to self-learners who wish to explore scientific subjects outside of their own field of study from the best international schools online.