Open courseware programs benefit students by allowing them access to online education from accredited schools that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to lack of time or money. These free courses are an excellent opportunity for gaining knowledge and self-improvement, and are available to anyone who wishes to learn for learning’s sake. All the courses are taught in a virtual learning environment that utilizes formats like videos, lectures, podcasts and online textbooks or e-books. Online schools and their instructors know that the extreme rise in higher education tuition makes it challenging for the majority of people to gain a college education without accruing large amounts of debt. OCWs are offered in a spirit of intellectual philanthropy, and are intended to foster a worldwide educational community for the public good.

The directory below contains OCW information for 12 of the best schools online including MIT, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the University of Notre Dame, UC Irvine, Tufts University, UC Berkeley, the University of Michigan, the University of California, the University of Wisconsin, UMass Boston, Penn State University and Yale University. The range of course topics consists of economics and business, engineering and technology, computer science, arts, design and architecture, law, literature and writing, mathematics, health and medicine, general science, humanities and social sciences, and teaching and education.

Also available on this website are four separate OCW directories for subjects available at the best online schools, including math, sciences, computer science, and international studies.

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